All about OpenStreetsPGH and the Pittsburghers behind it.

OpenStreetsPGH is part of a movement called Ciclovia, which includes 100s of cities across the globe. OpenStreetsPGH is also a group of businesses, neighbors, non-profits, and others who want to help Pittsburgh be the healthiest, most active, and happiest city it can be.

What is OpenStreetsPGH all about?

Healthy living

Walk, run, bike, dance, socialize, and play. OpenStreetsPGH connects kids with activities and invites everyone to get up and move on one big open street.

Shop and Eat

OpenStreetsPGH invites people to see how much fun weekends in the city can be. Get to know neighborhoods and local businesses along the route like you've never seen them before.

Re-imagining city spaces

It's a car-free event that encourages people to use active forms of transportation and engage in activities in spaces generally reserved for motor vehicles.

Thinking green

Since only people-powered activities happen at OpenStreetsPGH, it helps advance Pittsburgh's regional and national reputation as a green leader.